Welcome to Link2Pay, your link to E-Commerce.

For a complete range of services for all your E-Commerce needs, count on Link2Pay. Services are cost-effective, providing maximum return on investment for every customer. We develop our solutions specifically for the consumer and pride ourselves on our customer service!

Don't have a merchant account? Don't even know what a merchant account is? You've come to the right place!

A merchant account is the link between your business and the bank, and essential in processing online orders! Link2Pay is your source for merchant services, with competitive rates and flexible account options, anyone can apply to become a merchant!

Authorize.Net and Link2Pay is the medium that allows you, the merchant, to conduct E-Commerce on the Internet.

The process is simple, the only things you need is a Credit Card processing merchant account and something to sell!

Link2Pay is your complete, one-stop-shop, for complete E-Commerce solutions. Once you have registered for Authorize.Net using your merchant account (if you do not have a merchant account, you can fill out an online application to begin the process) and create an on-line, fully functioning shopping cart, complete with E-Commerce credit card processing and more!

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